ArzanVC Values Guide for Startups

  1. Honesty/Integrity: The founder team led by CEO should always maintains complete honesty with their co-founders, team members and to their investors. This is one pillar of trust if not abided by, weakens the whole foundation of the startup. We want the founders we invest to be honest people, with whom we would like to build a relationship like in a real-life situation. At ArzanVC, we believe the honesty and integrity of the team comes before the product, the idea, the potential and returns.

  2. Transparency: Being genuine and transparent, both internally and externally, is a tenet that will benefit the founders or the startup team the most. As they will get honest feedback to a problem and will be able to rectify something what is wrong instead of glossing over it. If anything about your company isn’t genuine – from your business partnerships to your marketing campaigns — your customers or your investors will be able to tell.

  3. Racial Impartiality: We believe being partial to certain race or people of certain culture is the work of corrupt politicians and not the startups whose whole foundation is based on innovation and creativity. Either you come from Palestine or Israel, as individuals the team or mostly the co-founders must embrace all.

  4. Gender Equality: Hiring in a startup or perhaps any Company or any organization must be based on meritocracy alone irrespective of gender. This is not only a Men’s world and we have to prove this together by actions. Most of the successful startups we have seen had a good gender balance or at least with no gender bias.

  5. Excellent Customer Service: Your customers’ satisfaction will make or break your business, so a customer-first focus should be at the center of everything you do. The companies which focused on customer service as one of their primary aim, have not only built successful businesses but also trust and loyalty.

  6. Giving Back: When your company is doing something to benefit others, your employees feel good about working with you, and your customers feel good about buying your products and your investors feel good about investing in you. You must embrace social responsibility as a core part of your business.